New Water Reporting Requirements Have California Farmers On Edge

Recordnet reports that “Farmers and landowners who tap rivers, streams and other surface water sources face strict new penalties – $1,000 and up to $500 a day – for failure to file detailed reports on such use with state water officials by July 1.”

It is the short notice and steep fines that have upset most farmers.

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Valley water cop’s marriage to lobbyist a conflict of interest

A woman charged with protecting the Central Valley from water polluters is married to a lobbyist for polluters. She is an attorney who represents polluters.

What’s not to like about Katherine Hart? Except, of course, a glaring conflict of interest.

Hart, chairwoman of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, was appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2005.

Arnold is pro-business; Hart is pro-business; that’s fair.

What’s not fair – what’s troubling – is that Hart’s husband is in business with wastewater dischargers. He makes big money representing them.

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Big fines for unreported water use: State Water Board requires regular filing for stream diversions

Landowners and businesses that pump water from California streams now face hundreds of dollars in fines if the use of that water isn’t recorded.

The State Water Resources Control Board, in an effort to better identify the amount of water being used in the state’s watersheds, is now requiring that a statement outlining the amount of water diverted be submitted every three years. Those who haven’t filed a statement must do so by July 1.

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Battle growing over water regulations

A local water-quality board is looking to clean up the Central Coast’s drinking water and save aquatic species, but the agricultural industry is claiming that the proposed regulations would be impossible to follow…. (LompocRecord)