Land Trust: Dam, lake would ruin protected places

Nevada County Land Trust and the Placer Land Trust officials said Monday the proposed reservoir would ruin their projects to conserve land along the river.

“Placer Land Trust has invested millions of dollars into preserving land in the Bear River corridor around Garden Bar,” the proposed location for the dam and reservoir, Executive Director Jeff Darlington said. “This dam project would destroy and inundate the conservation lands we are protecting.”

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Water options start flowing; committee, public float ideas to help solve water district dilemma on North coast

John Driscoll/The Times-Standard

In what would be a reversal of irony, the lake-less city of Blue Lake could someday get a lake.

Creating a lake for fishing and boating is among the options explored as part of a process launched by the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District to find ways to use its abundant water and not lose it to an outside interest. The water could also be put to use by expanding the district’s boundaries, be used for aquaculture, be piped to another area or used to increase flows for salmon in the Mad River, from which the system is supplied.

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Mendocino County Supervisors to discuss Coyote Dam

National Archives and Records Admin.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is expected on Tuesday to approve general plan changes for a couple dozen property owners who thought the rezoning projects were included when the supervisors approved the update of the General Plan last August and who have been waiting ever since for the county to correct the error.

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Work on Crystal Springs Dam about to begin