Measure to streamline regulations for salmon restoration on the San Joaquin River headed to the Governor’s desk

From Senator Dave Cogdill’s office:

“Legislation by Senator Dave Cogdill (R-Modesto), Senate Bill 1349, which will help farmers, ranchers and other water users adhere to one set of standards by conforming state law with federal law for efforts to restore salmon to the San Joaquin River, is now headed to the Governor’s desk.

The measure originates from a 2006 settlement that ended almost twenty years of litigation regarding salmon runs on the San Joaquin River. Wildlife agencies will begin reintroducing salmon to the river in 2012. However, discrepancies between state and federal law have created a problem for water users complying with the settlement.

“This measure balances the goals of restoring salmon runs to the river without imposing hurdles for water users to comply. I urge the Governor to sign this bill which will also save taxpayers money in the future,” said Senator Cogdill.

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