Bob Williams: Will Sacramento pin water bill on north?

The water wars of California involve the amount of water available for different uses, quality of the water, and environmental issues such as declining salmon populations. Conflicting claims bedevil each issue. Are remediation plans for fish populations simply devices for moving more water to Southern California? Are salmon declines due primarily to dams? To water pumps? To water pollution? To striped bass, a voracious non-native eater of salmon smolts and Delta smelt? Or to insufficiently treated human waste discharged by Sacramento County?

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Farmers vs fishermen debate continues as California Delta makes 2010s 10 most endangered rivers list

Coming off the heels of the recent decision in the fishermen vs. farmers water debate to increase the water distribution to crop growers and water users south of the Tracy pumping facility, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta makes the #2 spot on the 2010 edition of Americas Most Endangered Rivers list by a leading conservation organization.

Exclaiming the threat to our California Delta as an outdated water and flood management system, the report urges Governor Schwarzenegger, and Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, among others to consider river restoration, public safety and water supply reliability plans without the intrusion of other powerful interests.

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