Lawsuit challenges California groundwater pumping


Commercial fisherman have filed a lawsuit accusing California officials of not leaving enough water in a Northern California river for coho salmon.

The lawsuit filed Thursday says the State Water Resources Control Board and Siskiyou County allowed groundwater well permits that have depleted the Scott River.

The plaintiffs say the endangered coho salmon are now on the verge of extinction in the river.

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Desalination Nation

As a native Bostonian now living in New York, I became a little obsessed with the May 1 break in a massive water pipeline that serves many of the communities surrounding my old home . I called my family for important updates – Are you boiling your water? Are any coffee shops still open? – and rued the incredibly poor timing of a just days-old ban on the sale of bottled water in a suburban Boston town.

But as the emergency wore on, I thought that, as inconvenient as the break was, the nearly 2 million people affected by it all knew that the annoyances were temporary. Drinking water was still relatively plentiful in Massachusetts and a little bit of engineering would repair the pipeline and bring life back to normal in a matter of days.

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Desalination Plant Heads to Public Hearings

MONTEREY, Calif. — Water — or lack of it — has been a big issue for residents on the Monterey Peninsula.  This week, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is looking for your input on a proposed seawater desalination plant north of Marina.

“We have such an immediate need for getting additional water here,” commented Marina resident Kevin Miller. 

That’s the driving force behind California American Water’s proposal for the plant.  They are following state orders to reduce demand on the Carmel River. 

Monterey resident Mike Casey said, “The resources are diminishing and I don’t see any other alternatives at this time.”

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New state agency tries to revive delta

Over the past 10 years, California spent more than $3.5 billion on an agency that failed to solve the water crisis in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Now, the state is trying again – with a newly formed agency.
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Beverly Hills: Water Rates to Rise

Starting July 22, residents and business owners will see an increase in their water bills. Prices will go up 15 percent on average for Beverly Hills residential consumers during each of the next two fiscal years, said Shana Epstein, the city’s environmental utilities manager.

The City Council unanimously approved the rate hikes at its June 3 meeting to offset a price increase that supplier Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) is charging the city.

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June 24, 2010 (Santee) – California Attorney General Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown today filed a lawsuit on behalf of the California Native American Heritage Commission against Padre Dam Municipal Water District and its board of directors. The suit seeks a permanent injunction on construction of a proposed pump station, 2.5 million gallon reservoir, flow control facility and pipelines near Lake Jennings.  

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San Diego County Water Authority to explore doing desalination deal

The San Diego County Water Authority’s board agreed Thursday to consider striking its own deal to buy desalinated water from Poseidon Resources Corp.

The vote authorized Water Authority staffers to talk with Poseidon, which plans to build a desalination plant in coastal Carlsbad.

Poseidon already has an agreement with nine local water agencies, but it has stalled on financing problems.

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