Clear Lake won’t deliver in Klamath drought

Water Infrastructure: The Unseen Crisis

When most of us think of infrastructure, we probably think of bridges, roads, trains and fiber optic cable–the visible circulatory system of a society that moves goods, services and knowledge from one point to another. But we now face new challenges brought on by unprecedented population growth that require us to rethink how we define and address the issue of global infrastructure.

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Water conference promotes water bond

In six months, Californians will vote on one of the biggest public water bonds in the nation’s history.
However, this week, in central California – the election is now.
Hundreds of the state’s water leaders will gather in Monterey for the semi-annual conference of the Association of California Water Agencies. ACWA represents the largest percentage of water interests (hundreds of private water companies, groundwater groups and a few others are generally not members of ACWA).

The bond will be the talk of this conference. It will be the rallying cry. Behind most presentations will be THE BOND.

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The Final Sierra Snow Count Is In-A Banner Year

The last snow survey of the year has taken place in the Sierra, and the results show a banner season for the Sierra snowpack. According to figures released at the end of last week, the northern Sierra finished the season at 188% of normal, the central Sierra at 121% and the southern Sierra at 139%.

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The War on Tap Water: An Exclusive Excerpt from Peter Gleick’s Bottled and Sold

Monday marked the release date of Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick’s latest book, Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water–the latest, loud voice added to a growing chorus of tap water defenders. Almost nine billion gallons of bottled water were packaged and sold in the U.S. in 2008, with 40 billion being sold globally that same year, according to Gleick’s findings.

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House agriculture panel plans hearing in Fresno

State water survey shows huge gains

A relentless winter left Californians a gift: One of the best Sierra Nevada snowpacks in more than a decade.

Yet shortages from three straight drought years are expected to continue to impact farmers and cities throughout the state.

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