AIP Candidate on San Joaquin Valley restrictions

CN: The Governor has the power to turn back on the Delta Pumps in the Central Valley. And the county sheriff has the power to arrest any federal agent who tries to shut the pumps back off. Any true environmentalist realizes the impact water scarcity has on land. Not only is it truly a dust bowl in certain areas, but the lack of vegetation creates less oxygen in the air. If we really wanted to save “smelt,” we could create fish hatcheries and relocate some of the Northern Californian seal population, thus increasing the fish population, which would also benefit the Northern California fishing industry. We must turn back on the water for farmers, revenue, and the population in order to consume quality fruits and vegetables. “Global Warming” was just another UN model in order to enact stricter government regulations. Now they are claiming that global warming will cause cancer and mental illness. Yet scientists have proven that our climate is actually cooling and that the warming science was inconclusive. People do not need the government to hold their hands — humans are responsible enough to take care of the planet, which has been in existence for millions of years. What the people need is freedom! As Governor I would turn on the water and abolish AB 32.

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