Bill to fund efforts to restore SF Bay wetlands

Delta: Co-equal fiction — and realistic solutions

David Hayes (Interior deputy secretary) says that the Delta is a “zero-sum game,” which I interpret to mean that co-equal goals — save the environment AND export water — are not possible. (Maybe I’m wrong, but hang with me here…)

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How polluted is U.S. drinking water?

U.S. tap water is some of the cleanest on Earth, generally safe from the microbes and chemicals that have plagued humans’ water supplies for millennia….

California: 2% of state population served by contaminated water systems; 10% of community water systems with reported health violations…

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McClintock: Stop Federal water takeover

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.): “At a time when rural America is already under attack from impossibly complicated and costly regulations and aggressive environmental activists, the last thing we need is an expansion of government authority.  The Democrat Majority is trying to have it both ways, they claim to be concerned about job loss in our weakened economy at the same time they introduce a bill that will kill jobs and make it more expensive for Americans to do business.”

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Livestock waste found to foul Sierra waters

Schwarzenegger fights to protect AB 32 legacy

I’ll take purified reclaimed water, thank you

What should we call it? Toilet-to-tap? Purified sewage? Purified reclaimed water? I think it depends on whether you’re feeling disdain, hold-your-nose neutrality, or support.

“It” is a process of purifying wastewater to the point where it’s at least as clean as the raw water that the city imports before it’s treated further for drinking.

I’m a supporter.

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