Recycling: Panel Issues Recommendations on Constituents of Emerging Concern

A science advisory panel issued draft recommendations April 15 for monitoring and assessing constituents of emerging concern (CECs) in recycled water. The draft report, developed by an expert panel established by the State Water Resources Control Board, identifies a conceptual framework for determining which CECs should be monitored and recommends a phased approach to implementing CEC monitoring programs for recycled water.

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America’s Thirstiest Cities

Forbes: California owns four slots in our ranking of the 10 cities with the biggest water problems. Can the Pacific provide an answer?

The list:

1: Los Angeles
2: San Diego
3: San Antonio
4. Honolulu
5. Bakersfield
6. Phoenix
7. Portland, OR
8. Sacramento
9. Las Vegas
10. Tucson

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The Growing Water Crisis

Pork Magazine: The current water crisis confronting California is a wake-up call for the nation. Unless we heed the urgent call for water conservation, California’s water strife may roll across the country, state by state….

Livestock operations should all strive to reduce water wastage. Regardless of the operation type, first look for and fix any leaks in facilities, paying close attention to drinkers. “Leaking drinkers are the biggest water wastage problem on hog farms,” says Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, Mankato, Minn. “A drinker leaking at the rate of 90 drips per minute is the equivalent of 7.6 gallons per day.”

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Water-wise California gardening

A new book called “Water-Wise Plants for the Southwest” covers all of California, as well as the other states we tend to think of as Southwestern. Co-author Nan Sterman also advocated smart watering in her previous solo effort, “California Gardener’s Guide, Volume II.”

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Water boiling advisory is still in effect

STOCKTON – A water boiling advisory for residents of 3,500 homes in west-central Stockton is expected to remain in place until at least tonight, an official from California Water Service Co. said Thursday.

The advisory was issued Wednesday after a water sample from a faucet near a construction site revealed E. coli bacteria, possibly from animal or human waste.

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Reservoir conditions April 22, 2010

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Cash-Strapped University Shelling out Millions on Bottled Water

The New York Times reported that the University of California, which recently had to raise student fees and lay off workers because of budget cuts, has spent $2 million in the last couple of years on bottled water for its San Francisco and Berkeley campuses.

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